Food Player is an experiment to observe how users respond to objects that are not meant to be used with food.  The objective is to obtain information from an investigation of user behavior, specifically “Why did they choose each object: function, imagination or other.” The information I gathered from my investigation was then used as a platform for my next step.

After Food Player Experiment, I analyzed tools that users chose based on their forms and function. From the experiment, even though the tools aren’t made to use with food, their universal form allowed users to find function of use.  Up to this point, I narrowed down my research into 3 keywords; Form, Function and Gesture. I began this phase by deciding to make things I would later call "Unidentified Food Objects".
For more details in objects part please see U.F.O. Objects in Action

I started the next experiment by inviting a user to look and touch the object and come up with the way of use. 
The user’s movement derived from her imagination and reaction to the objects' form.

All work exhibited on May 2016. Please see U.F.O. Exhibition 
All process and exploration can be seen in U.F.O. Book
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