Lucky Break is a project by SDS (Superduperstudio). It is a family of hand-blown glassware made with a process which gives every vessel its own unexpected and completely unique color composition. The colors warp, twist, and flow as the molten glass is shaped ensuring each piece is impossible to replicate. 

This project is an exploration into how chance influences the design process. Instead of carefully composing the pattern for each bowl, SDS developed a system for randomly selecting and applying colored shards and thin glass strings to the outer layer of the molten glass. It’s a perfect balance between engineering and Japanese Wabi-Sabi. They embrace the random elements of the glassblowing process and use color to amplify the effects of its unruly viscosity and flow.  As the colors melt into the liquefied body of the glass, they warp and twist to give every piece its own unexpected and unique composition.

To me "Chance-Based Compositions" is about Time and Number. I transformed the process above into a Color Selections Chart by imitating a clock face with number 1 - 10 followed each element number that were randomly used to create a unique pattern on the products.
Lucky Break is dedicated to composer, visual artist, and mycologist John Cage.
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