The Knowledge Poster 

From "The Order of Things" by Michael Foucault, the french philosopher and social theorist, we studied the
development of history in term of politic, economy, and culture in Renaissance, Classical, and Modern period.

We attempt to communicate, represent, and visualize the content of the book into a visual language. 
The key concept of the poster is that various periods of history have been characterised by a specific number of conditions of truth or discourse which are common to various areas of knowledge and determine what is possible
or acceptable to affirm, and that these have been subject to change over time.

As a designer, we believe well-designed graphics can deliver a strong message without textual descriptions.

*Project collaboration with Jiho Jung
Moving Poster

From our own curiosities that we want to see what if this poster moves. We challenged ourselves by using the same objects, glass balls, that we photographed and use them as elements in the poster to make sound effects. We bring up all possibilities of one object from photographs to graphic elements and then from objects to sound.​

Do the information change when audiences percieve between Poster and Motion?
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