This project has been selected by STA 100 as one of the best pieces of graphic design in 2015.
“Touch”, one of the five human senses, is the sense created under the condition when subject and object come into contact with each other. A huge network of nerves, responsible for all the sensations we feel, controls our sense of touch. Without the sense of touch, humans would not distinguish how warm the sun is or how cold the ice feels on our skin. Notably, the blind who use this haptic sense to read and communicate by braille that are arranged in cells of up to six dots in a 3x2 configuration. For us these raise dots seem fascinating as a secret code for those who could read.  What if we can read and communicate in the same way as braille with the visually impaired?

The “Visual Braille” is designed by combining two senses, sight and touch. All information is readable by blind and sighted people. It indicates a path to explore the aesthetics of braille, establishing a closer connection in a literal way between both readers.
Design process
The final product at this moment is a postcard produced and inspired by music lyrics. The reason being is because music (sound) is the common ground for both sighted people and visual impaired people. From there, we developed this project into a sound experience. Collapsing touch and sound, closing the connection between both audiences.

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